These Curry Pastes Will Let You Cook An Indian Dish In 30 Mins Without A Mess

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It really takes a lot of patience to prepare an Indian meal. Getting the right pinch of masalas and putting together a zillion ingredients can be quite a task. Worry not, we have found the secret to quick and hassle-free Indian meals—CURRYiT.

'Each product in this box is an outcome of thousands of miles we’ve travelled to experience India’s unique cuisines and culture. We met locals and discovered some amazing recipes that have been passed on through generations. Just so that people who love food, people like us, can recreate these authentic dishes at home easily, without compromising on the taste or having to travel hundreds of miles.'

Each CURRYiT product is handcrafted to perfection with flavours from across India in their truest, authentic and unadulterated form. So, go ahead and #justcurryit to prepare your favourite Indian dishes in just a few minutes.

Born out of a love for authentic Indian dishes, founders Richa Sharma and Nischal Kandula travelled to various cities in India to discover legendary recipes. Infused with the essence of our country's unique cuisines and cultures, each CURRYiT product is handcrafted with flavours that are true, authentic and unadulterated. So, if you're someone who loves food, these curry pastes will let you recreate your favourite Indian dishes at home easily without compromising on taste. Also, no matter which part of the country you’re in, there’s probably a go-to curry to make you feel at home.

So, if don't have the time and energy to mess up multiple times before you get the perfect Dal Makhani or Rogan Josh, go ahead and #justcurryit. With the ready-to-cook curry pastes, you can leave behind all your worries. Just heat up some water and add the veggies and/or meat curry paste to it. Let it cook for 30 minutes, and voila!

The founders’ love for food has resulted in them doing all the research and experimenting, be it calling a relative for the exact recipe or working with the best chefs and ingredients, to get it just right. Because the pastes are fresh (made to order), it truly tastes homemade.

Our Favourite CURRYiT Pastes

As the name goes, Purani Dilli Ke Chhole paste will let you make the flavourful, century-old recipe in minutes. The Chettinad Masala is made with an amalgamation of southern Tamil Nadu's intricate spices and ingredients from across the world. If North Indian dishes are on your mind, we recommend the Dal Makhani and Dhaba Style Butter Masala pastes to prepare delicacies from Daryaganj's and Punjab's most favourite flavours. The Kashmiri Rogan Josh mix, which simplifies one of the most difficult dishes to prepare, is made with the finest local spices and the ancient herb Ratan Jot. The Bombay Pav Bhaji masala reveals the secret spices of a tangy, zingy dish that is a Mumbai favourite. The Classic Goan Xacuti is prepared with the perfect balance of four elements: sweetness, sourness, spice and salt. So, if a gluten-free and paleo dish is on your mind, go for this Shagoti paste. You can shop for all of the above pastes, here.

Prices: INR 225 for a pack, which is enough to serve 4-6 people.


What’s cool is that they have several recipes listed on their website, so you can prepare some soul-satisfying dishes in a few minutes.