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What Makes It Awesome

The fact that you can customise your handbag as per your needs and requirements is what lured me into trying this concept out. I often struggle with bags that have no dividers, few or no pockets and handles that bite into my skin. So when I heard of FOAL leather bags, I decided to give customising bags a shot.

It's been a boon ever since also because I get to choose my design and make basic changes to it that makes it more durable for me. Prices depend on the material, design and size of the bag.

Foal specialises in making bags out of pure leather and already has a vast collection you can choose from but the best feature is the Bespoke Handcrafted Foal, as they choose to call it. The better your creativity the better the bag which also means sometimes you want to many things in at once. But the Foal team is always there to help and assist.

Foal specialises in making bags out of pure leather which will make sure you stand out in the crowd and thus, even though the prices are on the higher end you will find them value for money in the long run.

To get your bespoke Foal bag reach out to them via the Message button! They'll help you out with designs and pricing.

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