All A Bloom: Shop Handcrafted Flower Decor Gifts With A Personalised Touch

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What Makes It Awesome

Originally starting her career as a graphic designer, Poonam always had the dream to one day start her own brand. And it was in 2018 that she decided to turn that into reality, prompted by her love for unique handmade products that made her start her own product line. 

One of Poonam's inspirations was the handcrafted flower art made by Puranik Mawashi. She was so inspired, she learned the art herself and started making her own floral creations. Each flower is crafted by hand with individual petals and leaves made from dough. And not just any dough - bread dough! These are all eco-friendly and each flower is as imperfectly perfect as nature itself. Pretty unique right? And this is what Bonheur (meaning happiness in French) specialises in. Making flower-oriented gifts that capture the beauty and essence of nature in a lasting way. The range of gifts includes customised nameplates, jewellery, wall accents, wall art and more. You can also get customised gifts as to your budget and liking. 

Bonheur is a boutique studio that works with individual clients to create custom products that are unique and special. Among the bestsellers are the Parijat, Frangipani, Bramha kamal, Peace Lily and Tagar nameplates and Sunflower, Lilac, Rose jewellery. 


You can connect with Poonam directly for customisation and prices via the Enquiry option.