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Get Delicious-Smelling Custom-Made Soaps & More From Good Soap

    What Makes It Awesome

    If you know someone who is or are a lover of body products yourself, take a look at Cape Of Good Soap and check out their range of beautiful soaps, salts and scrubs. COGS offers varieties of fragrant handmade soaps, all made with different combinations that can even be customised to your choice. They customize soaps as per your required theme too, for example, if we want to gift someone who loves the beach, they can design a full hamper with sea-based soaps with looks and fragrances befitting the theme. Or, if it’s for someone who loves to party, party soaps in pop colours, patterns and fragrances can be done.

    The brainchild of Manissha Dutta Chohan, COGS was born out of the realisation that there are things for which we just rush to the aisles of the mart and pick up, without pondering that a healthier and safer version can be made by our own hands. These made-to-order, customised and hand-crafted soaps are designed around the shopper and their requirements and personality oriented, around a theme or the skin benefits that the shopper desires.

    Beyond just soaps, COGS also makes bath salts, body scrubs and serums. You can lather up and lift your mood with their peppermint soap and coffee with carbon soap, cooling mint soap, black pepper and bergamot soap, flower-embossed soap in rose and lavender, geranium with olive and French herbs soap, orchid with argan soap, bamboo charcoal soap with citronella and sage, and so on. You could also check their scrubs such as the lavender and coconut scrub, rose and wine scrub, mint and menthol foot scrub, chocolate scrub, lemon and rice scrub, banana and coconut scrub, coffee scrub and so on. Bath salts and serums too have several varieties in them!

    Price: INR 285 and up for the soaps, INR 400 and above for the lotions, and INR 385 for their lovely hair serum. They also have bespoke gifting options, and their readymade bath kits cost around INR 1200.