Custom Make: These Brands Can Help You Customise Your Luggage


We all like to stand out from the crowd, and if it comes with the chance to show off some super chic and trendy luggage bags at airports, we’re game! In this guide we’ve uncovered the best brands to customise your luggage from!


With Toteca you can customize your handbag according to your style and need, and have it delivered to you in 7 days! You can log on to the website, choose the print, color, design, or even make your own bag.

Nappa Dori

If you love leather, you’re in for a treat at this store in Fort. The designs and finishing are pure genius, and the fact that we can customize our luggage with them makes us love them even more.


Sunny House, 2, Mereweather Road, Colaba, Mumbai

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Tohl – Luxury Leathercraft

This high quality leather accessories brand uses innovative designs and color palettes to give us some gorgeous finished products! Hey have their own tannery as well as import leather from Italy, and are known for making trendy leather accessories at an affordable price! 


Check out their website to find some timeless classics and elegant designs, all of which are super affordable! Psst- we hear they have some lovely stationery too! Log on to select your design here.