Head To This Cute Little Blue Ambience Cafe In Bandra

    Bandra West, Mumbai

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Who doesn't want to visit in this cute restaurant? The day I saw it I wanted to go so I visited. The music was so live and we sat upstairs. It's so blue and I loved it. Most of the food is made in alcohol which is pretty good.
    We had:

    1. Black Moon Mojito - OOO damn it was so good and yummy and I loved it. Recommended.
    2. Watermelon Fiesta- the taste was so good but the pulp was a little more.
    3. Orchard Groves - if you visit this place please have this it is awesome and the best drink I ever had. Highly recommended.
    4. Frosted Oreo - the taste of frosted Oreo is good.

    1. Cottage Medi-terra - paneer served in three types of sauces and the taste is damn yummy especially the red one.
    2. Panzarotti Frigettoria - the best puff I had. It is so yummy and plus their sauce is so good. Recommended.

    Main course
    1. Red Wine Spaghetti - we did not add red wine but it was good and yummy.
    2. Speziatta Pizza - the pizza was a thin crust and was yummy as hell. Recommended.

    1. Absolute Berry Cheese Cake - it was a nice dessert but little sweet.

    What Could Be Better?

    Veg desserts

    How Much Did It Cost?

      Bandra West, Mumbai