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Exploring SoBo? Rent A Cycle At This 75-Year-Old Shop In Colaba

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Want to cycle but lack the wheels? Check out Happy Cycles, the 75-year-old store in Colaba.

How It Works

Happy Cycles is tucked away on 3rd Pasta Lane in Colaba, and it’s been run for over 75 years – though the cycles aren’t as old. They house over 120 cycles, and have a wide variety, with gear, non-gear and different sizes and types, so the chances of us finding the right cycle are very high. They also have a few mountain and hybrid cycles for those with an adventurous bent of mind.

The shop is open 24 hours a day on Friday and Saturday, so if you fancy a midnight ride around Colaba, head here with your date.

This shop is also the perfect place to start an ideal Sunday morning. Just head here, grab your cycle and go exploring. I would suggest you take a round of Colaba’s small and unexplored areas, grab a shawarma and then head to Marine Drive. Don’t forget to end with a beer at Leopold’s Cafe.

So We're Saying...

Happy cycles is by far the best way to explore SoBo, without having to actually download Pokemon Go.


The hourly rates can be negotiated down to INR 50 from INR 100.

Price: INR 100 per hour for normal bikes, and INR 150-200 for mountain and hybrid bikes