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Dabba Watch: Get The Authentic Bohri Experience Minus The Food Coma

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Try the Thaal-In-A-Box, a lunch service started by the brains behind The Bohri Kitchen {TBK} to get the authentic Bohri experience in a compact meal.

What's In A Thaal?

Conventionally, a thaal is a huge plate that members of a Bohri Muslim family gather around, sit on the floor, and eat from. A thaal has four flavours – the kharaas {savoury}, meethaas {sweet}, jaman {main course} and a salad, which they jokingly call a ‘scam’ salad as one would say it’s anything but healthy.

The Bohri Kitchen has miniaturised and captured this very concept in their box service which contains a Russian cutlet with shredded chicken, dudhi halwa for the main course, a traditional Bohri dum biryani {you can choose either chicken or mutton}, and a Kashmiri aloo salad – which they claim we’ll either love or hate – no two ways about it. Vegetarians, all hope is not lost as TBK plans to have greener options in their thaal in about 2 months as well.

TBK offers same-day delivery for orders placed in areas between Colaba to Worli. If you work or live anywhere between Bandra to Andheri or Powai, the delivery will be carried out on the next day.

So We're Thinking...

The next time we are about to face the ire of our boss, we’re going to call in a 4-people thaal-in-a -box, because a {work} family that eats together, stays together… or so we can hope.

Contact: +919820543776, +918689808034 or place an order online here. They’re also available on Zomato and Scootsy.

Timings: 12.30pm–4.30pm & 7pm–11pm

Price: INR 299 and INR 1,099 for the chicken version of the box {for 1 or 4 people respectively}, INR 349 and INR 1,199 for the mutton version of the box {for 1 or 4 people respectively}

Find them on Facebook here.