Endless Beauty: Enjoy A Stunning View From A Vantage Point At This Secret Villa

Dadaji Villa


Mumbai winter is almost upon us (well, it’s chilly in the ‘burbs, folks!) and this is the perfect time to drop off all the city dust and head out to cooler climes. If that’s your jam too, head out to this little-known villa called Dadaji Villa in Panchgani, a quaint spot that reminds you of older times when life was all about appreciating the good things around us. 

What Makes It Awesome

If you choose this location, be prepared to leave all that dreaded technology behind. It’s in the middle of a tremendous amount of greenery, so all you see around you are hills, trees and a gorgeous sunrise and sunset every day. 

The coolest thing about this villa are the chair swings on the balcony where you’re one with all that surrounds you, or if you’re with a big group, this makes for a perfect spot to just chill together and bond.

The villa is a 4 BHK simple homestay that has all the basic amenities in place and is complete with a garden and a terrace. Located in the majestic Panchgani hills, it’s surrounded by strawberry fields and is close to Parsi Point and Sydney Point in the area. 

At the time of booking, we've got a price of INR 19,000 for about 8 people. Please note that the prices fluctuate as per the availability and season.


It also has a fully-equipped kitchen in case you want to cook your own meals or you can order in if you fancy. There are also a number of board games in case you want to play with your family or friends.

Dadaji Villa