This Seafood Joint In Dadar Promises To Satiate All Hungry But Broke Souls

    Dadar, Mumbai

    Sometimes in order to escape the mundaneness of the dabba that we bring to work or even skipping cooking at home, we choose to indulge ourselves and in the process, lighten our wallets for a very good cause because of the spread.  And, while in Mumbai, seafood’s the way to go, isn’t it? Dadar’s Gomantak offers you just that without really burdening your wallet.

    What Is It?

    One of the many seafood restaurants in Central Mumbai, Gomantak in Dadar is one of the hotspots for traditional Malvani cuisine. Of course, like several other traditional restaurants, there are options for vegetarians and those who like eating ‘Malvani Mughlai’, if such a thing exists. We personally would savour the authentic meals as there’s fish, chicken and mutton to choose from with some neer dosa and bhakris.

    Chow Down

    The surmai and bombil fry is a must, as is the prawn gassi and the prawns koliwada. Having said that, if you crave chicken, go for the sukka chicken and neer dosa combo. Their thalis provide a wholesome alternate experience {pick fish or any meat, we’d go with everything and trust us, there are a lot of options}, because honestly, there’s nothing much that can go wrong with the combos they serve.

    Along with your meal, don’t forget to sip on some delicious solkadi or if you want something else, go for their masala chaas.

    So, We're Saying...

    We’re planning to visit this much-loved joint very soon, writing this has certainly made us hungry!  So, if you visit, make sure to have all the items that are recommended on their menu!


      Dadar, Mumbai