Too Busy For A Break? Explore Dana Pani Beach at Marve


    If you're always looking for easy getaway options, then explore the beautiful Dana Paani beach and stay at a comfortable retreat at Aksa beach – all of this just an hour away from the city. Dana Paani is located near Malad if you go by road, or you can go by ferry from Versova. But you can plan a small road trip away from city if you’d like.

    What Makes It Awesome

    What We Love: Dana Paani beach isn’t too crowded, and is very close to the city. Over there, just simply relax on the beach, try some street food. In fact, look forward to some prawns, Maggie, vada pav, etc. Don’t miss the sunset here because that’s the best thing at Madh island.

    Staying Back?: We suggest visiting this beach when in a group as it is sort of secluded. Like we said, visit the beach for the sunset and stay at a cozy space close by. There are some some good resorts if you are planning to stay the night. We recommend The Retreat, because it's one of the nicest resorts this close to Mumbai and offers a perfect beach view.

    Bonus: It's super close to the Golden Pagoda! Hit two locations with one stone. Cover both!