Sway With Me: Where To Try Salsa, Kizomba, Lindy And More In Mumbai

Nupur posted on 01 January

Research says couples that dance together, stay together. While the research may or may not be true, dancing together makes for an unusual date and a great way to shed those love handles. Here are some of the dance forms that you can learn with your partner in Mumbai.

West Coast Swing

With its roots in Lindy Hop, West Coast Swing is performed in a controlled environment and is based on improvisation. It’s a dynamic, living dance and is still evolving. It follows the music trends of each decade and frequently adjusts to accommodate new dance styles. It can be danced to most of the music played today and incorporates dance elements of hip-hop and jazz. Dancesport has classes for this form. Check them out here.

Music & Dance Academies

Dance Sport India Studio, Firoza Mansion, Sir Ratan Tata Path, Ratan Tata Colony, Bane Compound, Tardeo, Mumbai,


A faster version of the Foxtrot, Quickstep is a ballroom dance style composed of extremely quick stepping and syncopated feet rhythms in time to fast-paced music. Although difficult to master and perform, the Quickstep is lots of fun to watch. This one’s for the pros. Learn it at Conrad Coelho. Visit them here.

Music & Dance Academies

Suite 12, Municipal Industrial Estate, Opp. Lady Ratan Tower, Dainik Shivner Marg ,Worli, Mumbai


If norms are the last thing you and your partner follow and prefer mixing things up, choose freestyle. A mix of everything from hip-hop, Bollywood and even disco, it’s a no rules activity. Although people usually think of street or club dancing when they hear the term “freestyle dance,” individuals use various improvisational techniques in many different genres. They can make up moves in styles such as jazz, belly dance, hip hop, blues, break dance, jumpstyle, folk and electronic dance, just to name a few.

 You can learn at D Element, Girgaon. Check them out on Facebook here.

Tap Dancing

Tap dance is a combination of British Isles clog, and step dancing with the rhythms of West African drumming. Created in the mid 1800s, it requires practice and perseverance – but once you get the hang of it, is one of the most fun dances. If you and your partner are more about chemistry created through creativity, tap dance is the way to go! Tappy feet has some classes you can check out. But be warned – you’ll have to arrange for your own tap shoes.