Learn Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet And More At This Institute

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What Makes It Awesome

The World Dance School (TWDS) in Mumbai is an international dance school that is associated with the Broadway Dance Center, New York and Kalashetram, Chennai, and is a fantastic place to learn new dance skills and get a toned bod in one go.

With programs ranging from ballet (imagine wearing those tutu skirts) to Bharatnatyam, what’s sure is that you can learn new dance forms and not get bored doing the same thing. Given that it caters to all age groups, you can literally bring along anyone for company. TWDS has also introduced a body conditioning program for people who wish to pursue their fitness through the joy of dance. Interestingly, they run age-segregated so everyone has someone from their age group for company. So if you’re looking to learn a new dance form (hip-hop, jazz, salsa, modern ballet, etc), or get fit while having fun, it can all be done under one roof.

Prices vary as per number of classes per week and what class you are taking. They have batches from approx INR 2,800 upwards for twice a week.


Put on your dancing shoes and get toned while grooving to some insanely good tunes.