Sweet, Salty & Crunchy: Check Out These All-Day Snacking Options From Rostaa For Women On-The-Go

You know that moment you’re sitting at your desk and suddenly start craving a decadent chocolate dessert? Or you’re running errands and sport oily street food that gets you drooling? Well, don’t let the snack attack lead you to an unhealthy fix. We understand those sudden hunger pangs and have got you covered at all times of the day in the healthiest way possible with Rostaa’s mixes, that include everything from berries to nuts, trail mixes and assorted salted almonds and cashews. So next time you need something to chew on while wrapping up that tiresome PPT, we’ve got your back, sistah!

Lift This After Leg Day

Achieve the workout-oriented New Year’s resolution you took with Rostaa’s Healthy Mix this year. It’s got all the essentials to make you regain your strength after a heavy workout. They’re also the perfect way to keep your sugar and sodium intake in check.

Berry Good Morning To You

Let’s face it, we are all in a hurry in the morning and just wake up and dash for work. We know, you know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and missing it can lead to some health issues including low blood sugar or a sudden unhealthy binge that cause hypertension,, but Rostaa’s Morning Berries are definitely going to make you want to get out of bed. And like us if you’re a perennially hungry woman, just put some berries in a box and eat them on-the-go.

Our Candy Crush - M&Ms

When those munchies hit at night, they hit hard, and more often than not in the form of ice-cream. Don’t worry, Rostaa will help your sweet tooth out with its Trail Mix which has M&M’s {don’t pick out all the M&M’s in one go is our advice}! So now how about you Netflix and Trail Mix?

Low-Cal Rides

Ladies, let’s admit it- we tend to get very hungry on our train rides and then we fix it in a not so healthy way. Well that ship has sailed because we have Rostaa’s Salted Mix for when you’re on the go. This delicious mix will certainly keep those hunger pangs at bay, so ditch that packet of chips and pick this up instead!

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