Diffusers, Potpourri & More: Scent It Up With Deco Aro's Collections

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    Nothing's better than coming back to a home that smells amazing! And we've found a shop in Bandra that’ll have your house smelling like heaven, in minutes.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Deco Aro is for those who like their houses to look good and smell better. Located on Waterfield Road in Bandra, the shop boasts of a range of table lamps, wall art, vases, potpourri, diffusers and more. They also have floral arrangement and floral bouquets that you could give to your ‘but flowers don’t last’ kind of spouse.

    A home’s smell definitely defines its personality and even if it’s not in the best of shape, a good oil/camphor diffuser can make all the difference. You can buy potpourri potlis (INR 350 for a pack of two), scented diffusers (INR 699), glass candles (INR 250 onwards) at Deco Aro, to keep your house smelling fresh this summer.

    If you realize the importance of a good-looking, good-smelling home, Deco Aro is where we’ll see you.


    If you're looking for a thoughtful gift for someone, they have tons of options for gifting boxes as well with assorted candles, scents etc.  
      Available Online