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Moving Out? Compact Decor Pieces Ideal For Rented Apartments!

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Oh, so you've decided to move out and settle in your very own little cacoon. Well, yaayyy! We know it's daunting and exciting at the same time - but hey - you'll be just fine! However, one thing's for sure, you'll definitely value the small things your parents did for you. Now that you're staying alone - you have all the freedom to deck up your home/rented apartment the way you want. From picking the curtains to making that Pinteresty gallery wall, we're here to help you set up your new home in a few easy-peasy steps.  

Assuming you've got your basic furniture/bedding/cabinets in place, we're helping you how to make your home more colourful and bright. 

Let Your Entrance Reflect Your Personality


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Well, as they say, the first impression is the last impression. So, make sure your doorway or entrance is decked up. Many miss this one out. And the easiest way to do this is by adding a quirky doormat. Whether you're a dog lover, wine lover or simply sassy - SWHF has a doormat for every type. 

I've picked this colourful 'Good Vibes Only' doormat simply because it's so colourful and quirky.    

Coz, Mom Won't Be There To Remind You!

Happy Threads

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Well, we've all practically done a PHD in forgetting our keys. Raise your hands if you've got into the life and remembered that you've forgotten the car keys! #Guilty

So, I'd say set this key holder right at the entrance, maybe somewhere above the shoe rack - where you can hang all your keys and it's always in one place.  

Add A Cosy Swing To Make A Hangout Spot


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This one is always a great addition to add a fun element to your living room. An ideal piece of furniture for your me-time spot, your swing can be your go-to for reading your fave book, serve as your WFH station or simply just chill and stare at the walls (yep, we all do that)! 

I'd also recommended adorning this swing with some fairy lights around.  

Add Some Sassy Quotes

IMI Studios

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Find an empty wall in your living room, or your bedroom and add a bunch of frames with sassy or inspirational quotes. Adding text to your home is always a great way to infuse your personality and lends a personal touch to it. So, let your walls do the talking and at the same time achieve those #DecorGoals.

Stock Up On Organisers That Double Up As Decor!

Sashaa World

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Organisers and storages are always a BIG yes, especially if you're living in a tiny space. Use these to store your basic office paperwork, for laundry, adding mobile chargers or simply dumping stuff last-minute before your gang comes over. While you can choose for storage based on your need from here, I've picked one of the bestsellers which come in a set of three (small, medium and large).   

Stock Up On Some Comfy Bed Linen!

Bout Home

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Your bedsheet must match the overall hue/colour palette of your room. Whether you opt for simple solid-coloured bedsheets or the ones with jazzy patterns, your choice of bedsheets kinda decides the overall look and feel of your room. This floral and pastel themed bedsheet is versatile, will go with most room types and also adds a hint of Grandmillenial vibe into your room. 

Add Some Offbeat Seating Options

Sheen Decor

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This oh-so-cool stool is sure to grab eyeballs owing to the fun print it carries. We know it's a little tiny, but this is an ideal addition to your existing seating area and in your balcony even.