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Mannrangi: A Delightful Experience

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What Makes It Awesome?

Mannrangi is a recently opened restaurant near Goregaon and the first thing you notice is the view you get from its wide windows. Situated on the 13th floor, you get a good view of the cityscape along with a window side table. The ambience is just on point and you'll definitely love the place. Check out what we had here:

This soda base pomegranate mocktail is refreshing till its end. With lemon squeezed inside, this rejuvenates you from the May-June heat.

Payasam? Papaya? This smoothie is just so amazing and one must definitely order it if you like papaya. Just so soothing and slurpy till the last sip!

Palak Patta Chat:
Crispy Spinach leaves, Curd, chutneys and pomegranate make a good combination. This is actually a good way to stuff some healthy palak in you. This is such a good chaat dish and one must not miss out on ordering this if visiting here.

Cheese Dabeli Tarts:
Baked in a basket shape base, stuffed with dabeli masala and topped with cheese is just scrumptious! A must-order if you visit here.

Dum ka Paneer:
Cottage cheese cooked in saffron onion gravy and served with a garlic naan is so good. Well presented in a bowl with a lid so your second round of serve doesn't get cold! Loved the onion gravy which was perfectly spiced and thick.

Moong Dal and Dryfruit Halwa + Butterscotch Icecream:
Who thought a Moong Dal Halwa going with Butterscotch Icecream and Biscuit Crums? This is so good and I would specially like to thank the creator of this dessert for bringing this into existence. I am so going to visit this place just to have this.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

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