You've Gotta Try The Delish Fruit Cakes At Eden In Lokhandwala

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We’re suckers for good desserts and let us tell you that Dale’s Eden Cake Shop at Lokhandwala has some of the tastiest pastries and cheesecakes that we have gorged on.

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Desserts at bae and in our case, we can have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So when we stumbled upon Eden {as it’s famously called}, a family-run cake shop at Lokhandwala, we knew we had found ‘the one’. Walk into this small cake shop and get greeted by pleasant faces and some delicious desserts. Our personal favourites here are their blueberry cheesecake and the fruit pastry. They also make customised cakes in case there’s a birthday, anniversary or a special occasion around the corner.

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The next time you’re out shopping at Lokhandwala, be sure to stop by at Eden for a sweet, sweet time.


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