Head To Deluxe In BKC For Amazing Chicken Pakodas And Mutton Biryani

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Deluxe, a cheap eatery in BKC, has possibly the best cheap non-vegetarian food in town, and we stumbled upon it because our auto driver in Bandra recommended this place to us.

What's It About?

At first it may seem like a slightly shady place, with an old tandoor firing away outside. Don’t worry as you can sit in the AC hall – where the families generally sit. It has a nineties feel to it with its barren white walls and old couches – its really comfortable actually. The waiters are sweet and quite quick with their service.

Chow Down

Chicken pakoda, lemon tandoori chicken and their out-of-the-world mutton biryani is what we decided on after going back and forth for at least ten minutes. The menu is a meat-lovers heaven – you can choose anything off the menu and it’s guaranteed to be lip-smacking.

The chicken pakodas {INR 90 for 250 gms} are served by kilos and we ordered 350 grams for the two of us. The chicken just falls off the bone – it’s that soft and the lemon chicken tandoor {INR 120 for half a plate} feels like lemon and tandoor are meant to be.  Our favourite was the mutton biryani {INR 90} as it easily reminded us of the biryani we had in the old parts of Hyderabad. It is cooked to perfection.

So, We're Saying...

Go here because it’s cheap AF and the food is really good. It may not be your fancy restaurant but it sure is one of the places I’d go again with my friends to try out more dishes.