Ten-Second Takeaway

Meuble India – a new design studio in Lower Parel selling quirky off-beat furniture – is also offering up their premises as a co-working space.

Work Where You Shop


The whole studio has been set up in three quarters – starting from the co-working space in one corner to the middle section of the studio selling furniture and artifacts, and ending with a beautifully done-up in-house cafe.

The furniture has been designed and manufactured by the co-founders themselves, with the whole set-up giving us very Jodhpur-esque vibes.

What We Love


Working here doesn’t stop at free Wi-Fi – the design studio has a library and a cafe.

We spotted a very unique piece of decor that had our fingers itching for our credit card – a ball-shaped bar to hold mini alcohol bottles. This is a great working space for anyone who needs an aesthetically pleasing space to concentrate, or maybe just wants to get away from their chattering coworkers for a day.

#LBBTip: The space is small and seating limited, so book fast.

Price: INR 1,000 per day

Photos: Meuble India