The Mystery Box In Marol Does Toothsome Brownies, Jar Desserts And More!

    What Makes It Awesome

    The Mystery Box offers a range of toothsome desserts but my favourite has to be chocolate blast box. It has a chocolate brownie, sprinkles, an edible chocolate spoon, and more. The taste of each of these varies from dark to sweet. It’s a must-have for all chocoholics. As for the mango lovers in the area, they have a specially curated mango menu for the season. Try one or try all since quality is never a problem here. You can order the same at chakala and places around Marol via delivery apps - Zomato, Swiggy, or Scootsy. Oh, and you can check out their Instagram here: {@themysterybox}.

    What Could Be Better

    The Ferrero Rocher jar is slightly on the sweeter side, so order it only if you’re fond of super sweet desserts.


    They also have cakes and other artisanal desserts that are not offered online but are available on a 24-hour notice