What Is It?

Devil’s Circuit is an obstacle race which takes place in different cities across India, and is now going to be here in Mumbai. It’s not a regular race, in which you simply run, race, pant, and end up at the finishing line. No, this is a full-fledged 5k race with 15 obstacles, including rappelling, jumping in ice-cold water, muddy waters, trenches and pushing yourself to the limit.

Kind of like a Takeshi’s Castle, if you will {but not really}.

Who Is It For?


It’s for people who’d like to turn fitness fun, and make it a more communal activity than walking on the treadmill alone.

There are two categories – competitive and non-competitive, so if you’d have been working out for a while and would like to know where you stand, become a part of the competitive race.

Why Should I Go?


Anybody who has ever taken part in the Devil’s Circuit has only come back with exhilarating memories. It’ll be a lot of fun, and will completely immerse you in the experience {and the mud, so we hear}.

Anything Else?

At the end of the finish line, whether you won, lost or weren’t even competing at all, you will be rewarded with a medal, a beer, an after party and pictures on Facebook that your friends {frenemies?} will probably tag you in later and poke fun at.

Get your tickets here.

Look around their Facebook page here.

Where: Venue TBD

When: Jan 29

Price: INR 2,000 for the non-competitive category, INR 3500 for the competitive category

Timings: Different slots 7am onwards up

Photos source: Devil’s Circuit