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Hojicha Tea

What Makes It Awesome?

Hojicha is a Japanese Tea which is made by Roasting Green Tea. Hojicha has a reddish-brown colour. It has a rich & smoky flavour. Hojicha has a very bold smoky and earthy aroma.

It has many health benefits:
Help keep your skin looking clear and youthful.
Can ease stress, anxiety.
Fights cold and helps build stronger immunity.
Boosts metabolism while helping with digestion.
Maintains heart health.
Very Low Caffeine

How to Make Chai Infusion’s Hojicha: To enjoy the best flavour of Hojicha, it is made by steeping tea leaves for 30 seconds in hot water (90°C precisely). The bold flavour of hojicha deepens in hot water but may turn bitter if it is steeped for too long.

Put ¼ tsp hojicha into your teacup.
Pour hot water into the cup, and then cover it.
Allow the tea to steep for 30 secs, and then strain it.
You can enjoy the natural flavour of this, but in case if you want, you can add honey to it.

Now when you have read all about it, you should order yourself this tea from Chai Infusion.