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A Mumbai Dietician Reveals How To Stay Healthy While Partying & Dining Out

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Love going out but want to know how to maintain a balance? We understand the struggles of trying to be healthy. We spoke to dietician Dr Rashmi Chopra about what foods and drinks one should choose when they head out for a fun time. These foods won’t help you lose weight, but are definitely the lesser of the two evils. You can contact Dr Rashmi at 9820197376 to consult her or book an appointment.

On Bites And Nibbles

When you’re out at the club, and have a menu in front of you, Dr Rashmi recommends going straight past any fried items, and picking tandoori kebabs off the list {tandoori or vegetarian}. Sprinkling lime juice on top helps in the absorption of iron because of the vitamin C in it. Also, grab the roasted peanuts.

Also, choose kimchi salad, clear soups {and not ones with cornflour} and hummus wherever you can for an ideal snack.

On Meals

You don’t have to forgo what you like, but you have to choose either/or. Want Japanese food? Pick sushi over tempura. Craving pasta? Pick a tomato sauce over white sauce. Definitely can’t give up on pizza? Choose thin crust over deep dish, says Dr Rashmi.

Pro tip by the dietician, ask for al dente pasta {preferably whole wheat} because very soft past is high glycemic, which means it converts to sugar faster.

On Drinks

If you’re out drinking, and still want to remain healthy, choose a glas of red wine. Red wine contains resveratrol, and is healthier than other options. It helps improve blood flo to the brain heart, prevents stroke, reduces bad cholestrol in your body.

The worst mistake you could make would be to mix aerated drinks with alcohol, because those are just sugar bombs you’re serving yourself. Have alcohol with water instead.

For those who won’t be drinking, don’t fool yourself that mocktails are good. Pick fresh lime water/soda, green tea and vegetable juices {over fruit juices}

#LBBTip: Check our guide to the restaurants with the best wine selection in Mumbai for help.

On The Morning After

You can pick green juices, cold-pressed juice, or make your own with pudina, spinach, wheatgrass or green apple even. The best fruits to go for are guavas {they have the maximum anti-oxidants}, and apples. A banana too isn’t a bad option as it just has a 100 calories.


Order in juices or fruit salads after a big night out from Apple A Day or Bombay Salad Co. if you don’t have the time, patience or equipment to make your own.