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In A Long-Distance Relationship? This Lamp Will Light Up Every Time Your Partner Misses You

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Long Distance Friendship Lamp

What Makes It Awesome

Miss someone way too much? Here’s technology to the rescue, yet again. A pair of lamps made for loved ones, The Distance Lamp is a blessing for people who live away from each other. Whether it’s lovers, parents or siblings, it will make sure you stay connected to those who matter. We found this super cool product on UnCommon Goods. It's an international website, but they deliver in India as well. 

This ‘distance touch lamp’ works on wi-fi, comes in a set of two and every time your partner taps it, your lamp lights up, indicating that he/she is thinking of you. You can reply by doing the same. Sweet. Starting at INR 6,300, this does not come cheap, TBH! But, if you're emotional and romantic at heart, this product is worth investing in. I mean, imagine you've just had a bad day, and there the lamp lightens up. It will surely make your day.

PS: They've also got a long-distance frame. Do check that out too!


What a wonderful way to say ‘I miss you’ to a loved one. Skip texting/video calling – actions speak louder than words.