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Try Block Printing, Warli Art And More Local Art At Home With These DIY Kits

Bhavika posted on 24th November

Ten-Second Takeaway

Convert the typical rainy day from unproductive to artistic by trying your hand at these regional DIY art kits by an NGO – Kadam and their awareness brand, Potli.


Have you ever wanted to try out craft, but have not because of either lack of talent or a lack of time? Call in DIY craft kits which help you explore different arts from regions in India and kill your time too.

Do you like hand block work? Order a hand block kit which gives you three wood blocks, paints, printing pads and some fabric for you to showcase your talent on. You could always expand your repertoire on to your plain white tees, and if you’ve a steady hand – even a corner of the walls.

We also recommend you make your way to 87-year-old this hand-block printer at Crawford Market with beautiful designs.

Other craft kits have art forms such as the patua style of narrative painting from West Bengal, Gond tribal art painting from Madhya Pradesh, Warli art from Maharashtra, and even Madhubani and Santhal Painting. These come with colour cards, brushes and an instruction card on how to make them. Don’t be fooled, and think it is just for younger ones – if it reassures you however, sit with your niece or nephew before you sit down with this.

So, We’re Saying…

You could learn a new skill sitting at home, be creative and help working villagers by purchasing these products as a percentage of the sale goes to them. Get your kit by getting in touch with them through their Facebook page here.

Potli - A Bag of Wonders