Barking Good: Four City Bakeries To Hit Up For Your Dog's Next Treat Day

Shalvi posted on 13 November

Ten-Second Takeaway

Does your furry friend love cakes and cookies? Is your pert’s birthday coming up? Or are you just in the mood to throw a party for them? If you’re on the lookout for where to get amazing pet-friendly food like cakes, cookies and more, then check out these four places we think you must certainly pay a visit to.

Waggy Bags Gourmet Dog Barkery

This Juhu-based dog bakery gives a huge variety of goodies your dog will love to gorge on. Feel free to select from an extensive menu that includes plenty of cakes, muffins, biscuits and even doggy dinners. You can also get it customised for flavours and taste, in case your dog has allergies or any other health concerns. The bakery takes pride is giving preservative-free, human-grade cakes and treats for our furry friends.

The Spoilt Brat Barkery

This barkery, as they call themselves, specialises in wholesome, all natural, oven baked gourmet biscuits and treats, muttkins, pup cakes and birthday cakes that your dogs will drool over and are yet good for them. Pet-lovers swear by the sweet and savoury items sold here and the fact that they take care of not going overboard with ingredients that may add to your dog’s weight or cause any trouble, makes the place all the more trustworthy.

Click here to check out their website or here to see their Facebook page.

Gormutt- The Pet Bakery

Gourmutt is a bakery where you get a range of products from freshly baked doggie treats and biscuits to special doggie birthday cakes, cupcakes and other bakery delicacies. Here, the priority lies in taking care of the ingredients used to make these special products, and they say they use the finest and purest branded ingredients such 100 per cent whole wheat flour and oats for the cakes. All the ingredients used are completely dog-friendly and safe. Interestingly, they also take doggie party orders for snacks and ready to serve meals. None of their products contain any artificial preservatives and your pet can look forward to some delights like mutton and brown rice meal box, chicken and oats, peanut butter biscuits, etc.

Click here to check out their website and here to see their Facebook page.

Harley's Corner

If you’d love to feed your pet some home-style, healthy goodies, then this is the place for you. With the absence of chemicals and preservatives in homemade dog food, Harley’s Corner aims to keep your pets healthier, happier and free from diseases, along with keeping them slim and have the perfect weight structure. Your furry friends can be treated to some delicacies such as lamb and chicken munchies, chicken and liver paw cake, carrot ice cream, a signature feast comprising chicken, liver and vegetables served with brown rice, flavoured with home-made chicken stock and special herb mix, and much more.

Click here to check out their website and here to see their Facebook page.