No Mo' Kennels: This Dog-Therapist And Sitter Takes Our Pooches Straight Home

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What Makes It Awesome

Based out of Kalina, Moe’s Canine Training provides the kind of undivided attention our beloved canines need, especially if they suffer from anxiety or other behavioural issues.

Being a dog-owner in Mumbai isn’t easy. Besides the space and time constraints borne out of small apartments and big jobs, it only gets harder if our dog has a sensitive disposition, prone to nervousness around others of his kind, noise and inanimate objects. This is where Moe’s Canine Training comes into the picture. Started by an ex-media person, Moresha Benjamin, this Kalina business provides basic obedience training, behaviour modification training, aggression consults, agility training, and an overall therapy consultation for your dog. Her company focuses more on training your dog and making them adapt to their surroundings. Moe’s also provides therapy services to special needs children and mental health professions and has a consultancy extended to corporates, schools and colleges.

The USP of this service that we love is that Moresha likes to provide one-on-one, or one-on-two at the maximum, attention to the dogs she boards, because any dogs with behavioural issues usually have a hard time being in ordinary kennels which can house up to 20 animals in a single area.

Price: On Request, rates differ with dogs, the services required, and the intensity of training according to your dog’s breed and requirement.


Moresha provides excellent, result based therapy and counselling for your pets. There’s no pick up or drop service, so you’ll have to take your beloved canine to Kalina and drop them yourself. You can contact her on 9920444042.