Child's Play: Get Customised Dollhouses For Your Niece Or Nephew From This City Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

We’ve found the most adorable, hands-on gift for your niece, nephew or child – a life-sized customised dollhouse that they’ll love (with a functional elevator too). They also make fire-stations and garages for the boys.

The Dollhouse Co. is the place to get these fantastic dollhouses from, and it all started as a way to give a non-plastic toy for children to play with. Supriya Baikerikar wanted to give her daughter a dollhouse from the market, but it turned out to be made of plastic, and was extremely expensive as well! She decided to design her own homemade dollhouse (made entirely of wood) and after making a few for friends and family, opened The Dollhouse Co. for business.

The dollhouses come in three sizes, 2.5 feet tall, 3.5-4 feet tall and about 6 feet tall. They’re made from wood, and are all painted with paints used at home so that it’s safe and non-allergic to children. Each dollhouse comes with a bathroom, kitchen, galleries, open doors and windows on hinges. While you cannot ask for the basic structure to be changed, they will gladly make customisation in terms of colours of the rooms and the pattern of wallpaper used.

Prices start at INR 15,000 for the smallest dollhouse, 2.5 feet for INR 30,000 and it goes upwards.


The props are not provided as most kids like to put their own toys, Barbies, etc. in, but if you make a request she’ll arrange that for you. Also, delivery takes about 10-15 days, and there’s free delivery across Mumbai. They deliver to anywhere in India in approximately 20 days.