Give Back: NGOs To Donate Clothes And Belongings

Donate your old clothes, belongings, books and lighten up another’s life... And Marie Kondo your own. Use this chance to give back, do good, and make a positive difference!


Goonj is an NGO which has a whole ecosystem of donation and upcycling, apart from the infrastrcuture-related work they do in rural India.They accept donations all year round, and now is the best time to scour for stuff you can easily give away.

They Accept: clothing, unused school material, footwear, paper and even furniture. Just make sure your donation is still wearable/usable.

Pickup Service: They don't have one in place, but you can look for the closest dropping centre around you!

Zaroorat by Green Yatra

Zaroorat is an initiative by the NGO Green Yatra, which seeks to bring about development in poorer areas . and they will repair the goods and distribute it to underprivileged people in villages and slums.

They Accept: You can donate your old clothes, stationery, utensils, bedsheets, books

Pickup Service: Yes, they even offer pick up service for Mumbai, so you can call them on 022 65886649 or 9967538049 and schedule a pickup.

Wishing Well

Wishing Well is an organization that started off with making a mobile library for children, and now they connect donors and volunteers with the appropriate NGOs in the city.

They Accept: Clothes, books (preferably not reference or college-level books), toys, household and electronic goods in good condition.

Pickup Service: They pick up the items from your home if you are located between Jogeshwari and Colaba. Donate by sending an email to with the details of your donation.

Bal Anand

Bal Anand primarily helps children that may have been orphaned, abandoned or surrendered by their biological parents or caretakers. It's a home for such children, and they also facilitate adoptions for them. Got old toys, baby onesies, and clothes your younger kids/cousins have outgrown? Donate them!

They Accept: Books, pencils, crayons, groceries, vegetables, household items (cleaning supplies) and child care items.

Pickup Service: They don't have one, so you're gonna have to send your donation to their centre.

Prayas: Ek Koshish

Based out of Andheri, Prayas – Ek Koshish is an NGO that collects items to be donated and distributes them after they've been repaired and refurbished, to the economically and socially underprivileged.

They Accept: Clothes, books, toys, journals, unused paper, paper used on one side, electronics

Pickup Service: You'll have to head to their office to drop off your donations, where they will be checked, sorted and distributed.


Almost all of these organisations have robust and active volunteer/internship programs in place. We urge you to help out in any way you can, and spread the word about them! Also, don't shy away from offering monetary donations, too, as they help the organisations provide better facilities to those who need them.