We're Dye-Hard Fans Of This Indie Brand That Makes Dye Fabric Bags & More

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What Makes It Awesome

Love hand-dyed things? Then you'll really love our new discovery. We've found you a brand called DyeOde by Ditsy Creations, that makes dyed-fabric bags and they're all minimal but gorgeous.

DyeOde was born out of a lifelong passion for textiles and handmade products, and driven by the everyday need for bags that are comfortable, cost-effective, well-designed and sustainable. The brand is passionate about designing bags that blend traditional techniques with modern fashion and can be used for comfortable everyday use at home or at work. They use natural fabrics in bags because they believe that they are inherently more comfortable, more sustainable to produce and involve traditional textile techniques. We love the watermelon shade dyed fabric tote bags that cost only INR 499. Reasonable, right? There's another green circular pattern and a pink line pattern dyed fabric tote bag that steals the show. 

You can even purchase their tie and dye pouches. They're great for storing your makeup, toiletries.  All in all, in case you're looking for soft bags and want something personalized and handmade, then DyeOde is the right pick to fulfil your bag fetish. 


It doesn't end here because DyeOde has tie and dye clothing and footwear too.