Made It To The First Lecture? Check A Hungry College Student's Guide To Eating At 7AM

Ten-Second Takeaway

If there’s one thing that isn’t all that great about being in college, it’s the early morning classes. In case you have managed to get out of bed, catch the train and make just a little before lecture begins, give yourself a pat on the back. And go on, have a quick bite at these eateries that open even before your college does. Happy eating.

The CST Soldier

Starring: St. Xavier’s College

The lone hungry soldier, standing high in its own rite is the St. Xavier’s College in the CST area of SoBo. Here, if you plan on attending morning class after stayin’ up too late, you’re bound to get hungry soon.

Your options before heading to class? You could a bite at the iconic Leopold’s and Café Mondegar {opens at 7.30 and 7am respectively, or you could get a warm bun maska and chai at Kyani & Co. at 8am, or simply a little pav bhaji at Cannon Pav Bhaji. The Iran Like Restaurant is your best bet for something in the wee hours in the morning, as it opens at 5am {insert shocked emoji here}. And of course, when all else fails, there’s always an egg muffin to be had at McD on Causeway from 7.30am

Casual Dining

Leopold Cafe


Opp. Olympia Coffee House, SBS Road, Colaba, Mumbai


The Churchgate Crew

Starring: H.R., Jai Hind & K.C

Some of you might have an issue that we clubbed y’all together, but convenience over pride – always. First off, all the options that are in Colaba Causeway for the Xaviers crowd are always open to you – what’s a five-minute cab ride in the morning anyway?

Closer home, you can grab a quick croissant, roll or sandwich for just INR 35 at Croissants Etc. inside Ambassador Hotel, go to the dosa guy right outside Jai Hind for a snack post 8.30am, and if you’re feeling rich, swing by Pizza By The Bay for eggs benedict after 7am.

Those coming by train, Ghastirams inside Churchgate station, the famous cold coffee served at platform 4, and Tibbs Frankie are also options for you early risers.

P.S. Stadium and ISH open at 8am, in case you’ve rolled out of bed for the second lecture.

Fast Food Restaurants

Croissants Etc

Ambassador Hotel, Veer Nariman Road, Churchgate, Mumbai


The Sion & Matunga Motley

Starring: Ruia, Poddar, Vellankar, SIES Commerce, SIES Arts, Science & Commerce

For you lot around Sion and Matunga, there’s no dearth of early mornin’ options because you’re blessed with the holy {circular} grail of all eateries around you – the King Circle. All the South Indian eateries open early in the morning, so you’ve got to visit Rama Nayak Udipi, Café Mysore, Ranashray, among others. Manu Lunch Home too reopened recently and will give you delicious food at 6.30am. Then there the good old Koolar & Co., in case you want a break from idli-vada and instead feel like relishing some kheema-pav.

Right across SIES is a Café Istaa that opens bang at 8am for a quick chilli cheese toast, pizza fries, paneer dishes and more vegetarian fare. And let’s not forget the iconic Gura Kripa for chhole-samosa in Sion that will be your friend before lectures.

Casual Dining

Ramanayak Udipi

2/461-A, Ram Niwas, King Circle, Matunga East, Mumbai


The Parla Parade

Starring: Mithibai College, Narse Monjee

The gang at Mithibai and NM College are surrounded by sandwichwalas, vada pav joints and in general, street food joints to keep them up and about in the morning. We cannot miss the Mithibai college ka famous sandwichwala {starts at 7.30am}, Anand Stall near the college which starts doling out different types of dosa and vada pav after 8am.

Even Ice N Rolls nearby, where Ferrero Rocher shakes, rolls, sandwiches and more are the call of the hour. And yes, your favourite CCD too is open at 8am if you want a coffee to wake you up.

Fast Food Restaurants

Anand Stall


Opp. Mithibai College, Gulmohar Road 1, Vile Parle West, Mumbai


The Bandra Brigade

Starring: Nationals College, MMK & St. Andrew’s

Students in Bandra West have a lucky life, what with the convenience of so many affordable eating joints around. If you have done yourself a favour, and showed up to class for attendance – treat yourself to a mini breakfast, you.

What will it be? A trip to Café Andora, South Indian from Amrut Sagar or perhaps a nibble at Hearsch Bakery? These eateries start operations from as early at 7.30–8am, making sure that you never go hungry. Also check Balaji, Good Luck Café and even Chaayos when you’ve got a little extra to spend.

Fast Food Restaurants

Cafe Andora


10, Opp. St. Andrews College, St. Dominic Road, Bandra West, Mumbai


The Standalone Warriors

Starring: Sophia, Wilson College & IIT Powai

Sophia’s most popular eatery is Anna’s Dosa Stall right outside the college {from the Breach candy entrance}, where you can go and eat all day, all long. IIT in Powai has no need to look outside when there’s so much treasure within, but for early morning breakfast, Maddu Mess, and Wilson College students are near a Starbucks and CCD that open at 8-8.30am B. Merwan on Grant Road, and other small eateries.

Fast Food Restaurants

Maddu Mess

Opp. IIT Market Gate, Powai, Mumbai