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Fairy Lights, Furry Babies & Fab Food: This New Café Is Where We're Spending Our Evenings

    What Is It?

    If clean eating is on your wish list, visit Powai’s latest open-air eatery that promises handpicked ingredients, health food, being completely plastic-free and even pet-friendly. Earth Café, a venture started by Powai entrepreneurs Kanak Seth and Kitisha Gaglani, is nestled in Hakone, Hiranandani Powai, and offers global comfort food ranging from European, American, Mexican, Asian and Indian cuisines.

    Tell Me More

    What’s really got us kicked is the fact that it’s pet-friendly, so you have the chance to enjoy a great meal with your furry babies. Also, that it is plastic-free is encouraging, making sure that even a small change can amount to something big. The Cafe has been divided into two sections, the dining area and the activity area, which can be used for gatherings and occasions, being able to accommodate at least 20- 30 people, we’ve been told. What’s also interesting (and yes, totally Instagram-friendly) is that the cafe is decked up with fairy lights, potted plants, artsy lamps and the works, to make it feel like we’re closer to nature.

    Chow Down

    Chef Tejashwi Muppidi is cooking up a storm, serving everything organic, gluten-free and healthy. Some of their signatures include Meal in a Bowl – Indian {paneer/shrimp/chicken}, Goan chorizo benedict, avocado & kale aesar {rustic Goan chorizo and grilled calamari with toasted sourdough bread}, chicken shawarma burger, sukka mutton on Malabari parotta, aubergine parmigiana, port wine chicken and chicken vindaloo to name a few.

    Sip On

    They have some interesting concoctions for you to sip on, like the protein power drink (almonds, dates, spirulina, raspberry, banana, yogurt), the golden detoxifying drink (fresh turmeric, ginger, honey, lemon), summer garden lemonade (good old nimbu pani with ginger and chia seed), lemongrass iced tea, a cold brew, drip brew, geisha, mogo mogo, and the white velvet.

    So, We’re Saying…

    Head out here for a relaxing dining experience, and get a chance to enjoy some out-of-the-box food with your furry babies. A meal for two will cost you INR 800. Check them out on Facebook here.