East Asia - The Place With An Amazing Brunch Menu


    What Makes It Awesome?

    East Asia is a new place near my house and it offered a brunch menu. Because new things make me excited. The brunch menu had so much to offer.
    1. Fresh fruit:- the fruit basket was a combination of papaya, apple, pomegranate, Citrus limetta (Mosambi) and mint.
    2. Apple cinnamon muffins:- the taste was really good
    3. Chocolate and glazed doughnuts - the doughnuts were fully loaded with chocolate.
    4. Corn flakes and cocoa flakes - who eats cereal when you have soo much of other food.
    5. Bread butter &jam:- for a change there is a restaurant they offered wheat bread.

    Welcome drinks
    1. Blushing bride - watermelon juice, the taste was really good
    2. Asian duet - a mix of rose flavour and milk.

    1. Sepen soup - the taste was really good and I liked it.
    2. Bamee soup - It had some coconut flavour and feels different.

    1. Make your you own salad - you can use various vegetables served there and have it the way you want.
    2. Spicy glass noodles salad- the taste of this salad was good and you should try this.
    3. Mix vegetable salad - this salad was my favourite and I loved

    1. Tempura (Jain) - the taste was of this dish was really nice and I feel like eating more.
    2. Chilli basil paneer - paneer properly cooked and mixed with chilli sauce, feels nice.
    3.fried wanton - the taste was so yummy soo delicious I loved it.
    4. Kakiage -this was nice.

    They had live dim sum counter
    1. Chinese cabbage cheese dim sum - the taste of this dim sum was really good ( I m not a dim sum person but this was yummy 中)
    2.cottage cheese dim sum - this was my favourite dim sum and I loved it 中中

    Live sushi counter
    1. California sushi - the taste is really good and I liked it
    2. Spicy mushroom roll- I m allergic to mushroom so I didn't have this.

    Main course
    1. Korean fried rice (Jain) - the taste was really so good and I recommend you to have this.
    2. Vietnamese fried rice- the taste is really good.
    3. Malaysian noodles (Jain) - the Malaysian noodles were the best thing with the sauce yummy 中中
    4. Burnt garlic rice - the taste of burnt garlic rice was really nice n I loved it.
    5. Stir-fried vegetables - exotic vegetables properly saurt矇.
    6. Veggies in hunan gravy(Jain) - the sauce I mentioned early was this and it was so yummy.
    7. Veggies in black pepper gravy - this was an okay gravy.

    1. Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes - and this was topped whipped cream, just loved it.
    2. Strawberry mouse - the taste of this mouse was great and I liked it.
    3. Apple caramel delight - this was okayish
    4. Mango truffle - it was really good and I loved it.

    How Much Did It Cost?

    500 - 1,000

    Best To Go With?

    Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids