Minion Trolleys, Unicorn Pens, And Burger Notepads: This Crawford Market Store Will Leave You Awestruck

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What Makes It Awesome

Good things happen when you least expect them to. We didn't take our stroll in Crawford's Abdul Rehman Street too seriously until we bumped into Eastcoast, a stationery store that has the coolest of things you will ever see.

We loved the blingy butterfly bags, and watermelon, kiwi and minion trolleys that come at an affordable range of INR 2,600. If you're a hoarder of pens and pencils, they have an awesomesauce collection of unicorn and watermelon pens and pencils that are super cute. Gift them to your tiny tots, or buy them for yourself (you're never too old to use them) For just INR 30, they're the real steal.

Eastcoast also has notepads in the shape of burgers and breads (INR 200), and they look too adorable to not be bought. Trust us on this, you may walk into the store out of curiosity, but you will never walk out empty-handed.

How Much Did It Cost

₹100 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With

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