Living Alone? 8 Meals That Are A Match Made In Heaven

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Living alone and tired of making extra food that you don't know what to do with? Here are some easy recipes that are perfect for a party of one. Read on.

Flattened Chicken With Tomatoes, Olives & Capers

Boneless chicken is a real boon for us non-vegetarian diners. It's easy to get, easy to prep and easy to cook, too! This simple and delicious recipe combines a crisp browned chicken breast with tangy tomatoes and earthy capers and olives for a restaurant-worthy meal.

Time: 20 Mins

Hint: Don't have capers in your kitchen cabinet? Use these easy replacements!

Recipe: Get it here

Thai Fish & Pumpkin Soup

Made a recent trip to the supermarket or ordered in from one of these grocery retailers? Then you've probably got everything you need for this fragrant and comforting fish and pumpkin soup that's packed full of goodness. If you don't know where to get fish delivered from, try here.

Time: 30 Mins

Hint: Can't get kaffir lime leaves? Grate some lemon zest instead! And if you don't have fish sauce, add a hint of soy or Worcestershire for that umame flavour. 

Recipe: Get the recipe here

Apple Pie Oatmeal

We know that breakfast's the most important meal of the day. And sometimes, it's really the only one we have time to savour in our hectic days. This easy recipe combines the comfort of oatmeal with the deliciousness of cinnamony apples and luscious brown sugar.

Time: 15 Mins

Hint: - If you've got apples browning on the counter (yes we know you try to stay healthy!) then use them up here. We love replacing the brown sugar with jaggery for a more healthy boost.

Recipe: Get the recipe here

Vegetarian Chilli For One

If you aren't a fan of meat or don't eat it for health reasons, but still love Mexican fare, this one may be just right for you. A hearty meal in a bowl, this one combines canned beans and tomatoes with bell peppers and spices for a satisfying meal.

Time: 30 Mins

Hint: Don't have canned beans? Just soak the rajma overnight and use it the next day. If you miss chicken, you can even toss in some cooked chicken mince too.

Recipe: Get the recipe here

Ketchup Spaghetti

Yes it sounds weird, and no it doesn't taste bad! This one's a no-brainer when it comes to ease of cooking. The sweetness of the ketchup balances really well with the saltiness of the cheese and the punchiness of bell peppers and onions. We totally think you should give it a shot.

Time: 30 Mins

Hint: Can't get Parmesan? We suggest you replace it with any hard cheese available.

Recipe: Get the recipe here

Egg Fried Rice In A Mug

We miss our local Asian eatery and their comforting fried rice too, we promise! That's why this simple recipe hits all the right spots. It combines all the goodness of veggies and rice together in a mug and an easy zap in the microwave is all you need.

Time: 10 Mins

Hint: Don't have 5-Spice Powder? Get an easy recipe here

Recipe: Get the recipe here 

Egg Curry

Not much else left in the kitchen than eggs? This easy recipe is a great way to use those and make a tasty meal. Team it up with a bowl or rice or rotis and you've got a solid gameplan for dinner! 

Time: 40 Mins

Hint: Don't want to bother pureeing the tomatoes? Just chop them up and toss 'em in

Recipe: Get the recipe here

Healthy Burrito Bowl

Is there anything simpler and more satisfying than a one-bowl meal? We don't think so. This burrito bowl is packed full of rice and beans and can be topped with pretty much any veggies you choose for a satisfying meal.

Time: 10 Mins

Hint: We love using brown rice for this recipe, but if you aren't a rice eater, you can swap it out for quinoa or millet. Traditional grains make for a great healthy substitute.

Recipe: Get the recipe here.


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