Eat Amazing Misal Pav For Just INR 50 At Marutirao Misalwale In Lower Parel

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A 33-year-old Ahmednagar eatery, Marutirao Misalwale has its outlet in Lower Parel now and if you’re a true Maharashtrian or simply a sucker for tasty and well-prepared misal, then you must pay a trip to this eatery.

Delectable Maharashtrian Delicacies

You’ve got to love Mumbai and its myriad food options. Seriously. If you’ve lived in the city long enough you would know that there’s no cuisine you can’t find in this city. And Maharashtrian delicacies are a must-try when in Mumbai, just like its famous street food. And after spending a while in the city, we’re sure you’d know the special place misal-pav holds in the hearts of Mumbaikars. So the good news is that Marutirao Misalwale of Ahmednagar have set shop in the city at Lower Parel and their misal-puri/pav {a specialty} is both flavoursome and irresistible. A small eatery {almost a 20-seater where there are sharing tables too}, for the last three months it has been flooded with local office-going crowd and people travelling from around the city to taste their special misal. And you will know that it’s worth it with the first bite. A deliciously made dish, the misal is topped with matki, onions and sev, and comes with a reddish-brown curry that isn’t as spicy as you’d imagine {Ahmednagar is quite famous for its spices}. Packed with flavours, this misal is what dreams are made of- literally. Have it with the hot puris or pav and you’re in for a wonderful time. This delicious delicacy will cost you just INR 50/ INR 60. The eatery also serves some other amazing Maharashtrian delicacies, so feel free to explore. They have good old kothimbir wadi {INR 50}, mix bhajis, tari vada puri {INR 60}, dahi misal pav {INR 70} and so on. They also have the absolutely delicious and special dryfruit mastani {INR 160} which we loved.

So, We're Saying...

We loved this amazing and pocket-friendly eatery that serves some delicious and authentic Maharashtrian grub, especially the lip-smacking misal.

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