Eat, Drink, Dance, Repeat: 6 Places For A Killer Night Out In Mumbai

Shilpi posted on 24 November

Having trouble deciding where to plan your next evening out or that long pending dinner date with your SO? With a plethora of restaurants to choose from in the city, deciding where to eat (or drink) can get a bit confusing. To make life easier, you must get the Dineout app because they’ve got tons of places that you’ll love. Here’s our list of restaurants that you must visit to kick off the weekend!

Lord Of The Drinks, Lower Parel

With a jaw-dropping 200 ft bar, Lord of the Drinks, Victoria Mills is the paradise for tipple love. They’ve got an arrayed menu full of Indian fusion along with easy dinner choices and interactive modern plating that is sure to catch your eye. The newest entree to the Lord of the Drinks legacy, the Kamla Mills outlet, boasts of global cuisine, splendid interiors and promising selection of music. You must try their Chicken 65 fries, Easy quinoa bowl, Masala corn cakes and Southern fried prawns amongst others. Plus, it’s not going to be too heavy on your pocket if you book your table through Dineout because you can get a flat 20% off!


Trade View Building, 3rd Floor, Kamala Mills Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai


This fusion of entertainment, grandeur and a touch of quirk is one of Mumbai’s most sought-after spots for all your nighttime shenanigans. Known best for their eccentric cocktails, Tamasha Mumbai also has delectable dishes that you will gorge all over. Bite right into Honey Chilly Tossed Samosa, Naga Style Double Grilled Cheese Chilly Toast, and Mozzarella beetroot kebab among others. If you’re a regular, then you’d probably know how drool-worthy they are. For those with a sweet tooth, lose control over their famous Melody Brownie or the mind-boggling Banoffee Cheesecake Jar. The Everyday Bar serves some amazing cocktails like Bullfrog, Bubbling Cosmo, Tamasha Punch, and a lot more. Make your booking via Dineout to get a reduction of 20% on your bill.


Victoria House, Ground Floor, E.B Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai

Plum By Bent Chair

They’ve got an artsy studio vibe that fills you up with warmth from the second you step in. Fun fact - everything you see is a creation of Bent Chair. Be it the chair you are sitting on, the platter you are served on, the table you are chit-chatting across - they are all conceptions of Bent Chair. You can shop while you eat and take home everything in sight, from the crockery and wall art, to even furniture. Their menu is also as appetizing as the decor, with a strong far East vibe. Experience the enchanting illusion of fine-dining with signature dishes such as Black Fungus and Bamboo Shoot Salad, Aubergine Fries, Shanghai Pork Dumplings, Thai High Soup, Nutella Sushi & more. Want to try it? Just get the Dineout app & save up on flat 20%.

Casual Dining

Trade View Building, 3rd Floor, Kamala Mills Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai

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Rocky Star Cocktail Bar

Fashion meets lifestyle at this luxury bar! They got dramatic interiors clad in black & gold, which gives off a mystical feel, and we cannot get over that. Known for standing out, they’ve curated a detailed menu full of dishes from all over the world like Morocco, London, Turkey, Melbourne etc. The highlight here is an impeccable bar at your disposal that is full of cocktails to choose from. Quick on its way to becoming a party hub of the city’s A-listers, this place is ready to wow you with surprises! Like right now they’ve got an offer that gives you one complimentary cocktail everyday for 31 days if you book through Dineout.


Trade View Building, 3rd Floor, Kamala Mills Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai

ic_star_full_black_48px copy


Your to-go party place might not always be your go-to for a great meal. JLWA is one of those few exceptions to this rule. Craving something exciting? Binge your way to content with Chef Sagar Bajaj’s Malabari Tacos. If you love seafood, then the JD Prawns must be ordered because it’s got a creamy sauce that is simply transcendent! It comes with a side of prawn crackers that only add to the taste. Order up the Melon Ball which is a potent creation of midori, a neon green coloured muskmelon liqueur from Japan, or the Creme Brulee if you need a sugar rush. Open up their menu and browse through an entire list of such intriguing options. Plan it with Dineout without worrying about the cost they are cutting your bill by 20%. Also, Jains get some extra love with a whole page of the menu dedicated to their food preferences. 


VN Sphere Turner, 3rd Floor, Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

Lord Of The Drinks, Andheri

As grand as the name is, it definitely lives up to its reputation. One of Delhi’s most beloved bars have made their way into the hearts of Mumbaikars, soon after it opened up. Forget your diet & order up a side of the lord of the fries dish filled caramelised onions, bacon and cheese. Want some accompaniments with your drinks? Take your pick from their choice of dim sum, samplers, shashlik, pizza, tapas and tacos because the menu is extensive. One thing that we loved is that they’ve got their own concoction of Butterbeer made up of vanilla flavoured vodka, honey whiskey, caramel syrup and more. We can see all the Potterheads (including ourselves) making a beeline for the bar! Even better if you have Dineout Pay because then you can get 1+1 on all your drinks throughout the night.


Aver House, New Link Road, Veera Desai Industrial Estate, Andheri West, Mumbai

So, We Are Saying…

Whether you’re in it for the food or need a change of vibe, each of these places will come to your rescue. Plan a surprise for your best friend, or take bae out for a much-needed date night because it’s these little things that matter. They’ve got a whole lotta places on the app, just download it to find out. 

Remember, you must pay your bill via Dineout Pay to get a cashback of 20% on your bill, because they believe that a full stomach does not mean an empty wallet.