Eating Healthy While Hungry? We Found The Most Filling Salads In Town

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Did you go overboard on Le15’s new menu this weekend? Turn it around without starving to death with the most filling salads in town. {If you still feel like snacking, don’t worry, we got you.

The Pantry

A simple, chic restaurant that transports us to the roadside cafes to Latin quarters of France, The Pantry in Fort is all about its salads and all day breakfast. We love the salads, and often get it delivered to our office, keeping up with our healthy eating goals. The servings are huge, and have enough variety of ingredients to make each salad a complete meal.

We highly recommend their nutrition boost salad, which includes cottage cheese, fresh veggies, sprouts, candied orange rind, and if you want to add chicken, ham or bacon to it. We order it often, and love the zesty and refreshing taste of it {it also comes with a pesto sandwich}. Another salad we would recommend would be the citrus salad, if fruity salads are what you are looking for.

Price: Nutrition boost INR 325

Salad Days

This tiny salad joint in Seven Bungalows is all about salads. The menu is full of salad options, from taco salad {love Mexican?} to fresh fruit fiesta {which are the ready-made salads}. However, if you are cautious about what you want in your salads and want to really load up, go for the ‘make your own salad’ option. Choose a base, add-ons, toppings and the salad dressings to go with it, and voila, your healthy salad is good to go.

We recommend the pro-rich crunch salad {all about your proteins}, and the citrus zing salad {which has orange zings, pomegranate and walnuts and feta}. Who said salads have to be boring? Additionally, they also do killer rich smoothies.

#LBBTip: If you want a vegan option, all of the salads can be made vegan as well.

Price: Prorich crunch INR INR 200, Citrus zing INR 250

Bombay Salad Co.

Bombay Salad Co. is one of the best places in the city that serves fresh, healthy salads in two sizes, which we love. Go for a sit-in or get it home-delivered, both of the options offer quick service.

The salads are filling because they know exactly how to layer healthy ingredients with some very filling ones to satiate our greed – so in one salad we find Goan Chorizo, and in another we find hot brown rice. We love the ‘make your own salad’ option here as well. All of the ingredients, picked by us to prepare a salad that we want to eat. Mind you, they offer a variety of ingredients, veggies and dressings. However, if you’re looking to go with the menu salads, we say try out their breakfast salad {for the meat eaters, with its potato and bacon filling}, or the fresh and light flavoured avocado and feta salad. These salads can be served warm, or raw. Also try out their selection of freshly made juices, with kale, spinach and more veggies.

#LBBTip: This is a hot spot for celebrities, so keep an eye out whilst eating healthy.

Price: Avocado And Feta INR 320, The Breakfast INR 420

Cafe Zoe

Cafe Zoe is always bustling with either celebrities or live music. However, we love Zoe for its salads it offers, apart from the not-so healthy cocktails {everyone is allowed their cheat meals} and brunches. But the salads are a must-try, which are served with a side of freshly baked bread.

We love the lentil, apply, celery and candied walnuts salads, and of course, the classic Ceasar salad {with chicken or prawns}. They also do a good quinoa and roasted potato salad. The portion is good enough for one person, though we did find it hard to finish in one go – is there a higher compliment than that?

Price: Lentil, apply, celery and candied walnuts salads INR 250, Caesar Salad INR 250

The Table

The Table is a fine dining restaurant, though is all about splurging and falls on the higher end of prices, does really good salads. All of the dishes, as expected, look absolutely well decorated with toppings. They do a lunch, brunch and dinner menu.

Our favourites here include – The shaved snow peas salad with lemon, mint and Parmesan salad, The avocado and pink grapefruit salad wit shaved fennel, red onions and Kerala vanilla salad. They also do brunch, which has a duck salad, shrimp cocktail salads and other salads to cater to whatever you really want.

Price: Shaved snow peas INR 715, The pink grapefruit and avocado salad INR 815

The Salad Bar And Walnut Cafe, Navi Mumbai

Something for the Navi Mumbai residents {who are lucky enough to get coffee in a flask delivered to them}, The Salad Bar and Walnut Cafe is the one for eating healthy and super fresh. The ambience is cozy with light music being played in the background. Though, if you’re looking for budget eating, this may not exactly fall under that parameter.

They do vegetarian, non-vegetarian and fruit salads – plenty to choose from. Try out the energizer salad {which is a warm salad}, summer salad {with tahini yogurt dressing, zucchini and roquette and more} and the TSB Chicken salad {a warm salad}. If you want to skip the veggies, go for the fruit salads, as they do some fresh dices fruits salads, with apple, candied walnuts, kiwi, and so many other fruits.

Price: Energising salad INR 255, summer salad INR 255, TSB chicken salad INR 295

Ministry of Salads

Located at Breach Candy, Ministry Of Salads is a tiny cafe. Apart from serving salads, they also serve wraps. Go for the ‘make your own salad’ and choose your ingredients yourself, or their signature salads, which are definitely priced steeply but worth trying.

They also write the calorie count against their salads, so you know your intake. We recommend the buckwheat salad which has 325 calories {with kale, watermelon, roasted beetroot shavings and feat cheese}, and lentil mental with 255 calories which comes with roasted pumpkin, almonds and more. Have ’em both if you’re still hungry.

Price: Buckwheat salad INR 360, Lentil mental INR 320

Suzette Creperie and Cafe

A typical French cafe in Bandra, Suzette is not just famous for its delicious crepes but even the salads come highly recommended.

You can go for ‘make your own salad’ option – which will give you an option to choose your own ingredients, or choose from the ‘Suzette salads’ section. They do mini salads, pasta salads and the classic salads like kale, Quinoa, Detox, Club and more. The salads are fresh, with the right flavours and come bearing with light Parmesan, olive or French vinaigrette dressings.

Price: Detox salad INR 300, Kale INR 570


If you are in the mood for some hot beverage, we love their homemade dark hot chocolate.