This Eatery Has An All-Eggs Menu That's Making Us Drool

    Borivali West, Mumbai


    The Borivali-Malad stretch manages to surprise us with gems from time to time. One such gem is the newly-opened Eggsplore. We delve deeper.

    Chow Down

    Combine the versatility of eggs and an imagination that runs wild, and you get the menu of recently-launched Eggsplore in Borivali. The menu is entrely dedicated to eggs and that makes it an ideal breakfast stopover.

    You’ll find interesting dishes like egg chilli dry {INR 189}, egg lollipop {INR 219}, egg canapes chaat {INR 149}, American rabdi and more. The main course has some stat dishes like lemon curry {INR 239}, egg cube curry {INR 279}, butter egg mughlai {INR 259} to feast on. With a total of three outlets in the city, they are definitely filling the egg-shaped gap in the breakfast market.

    So, We're Saying...

    Do you feel nothing but love for eggs? Then, you should get out of your shell and head here.

      Borivali West, Mumbai