Step Away From The Honking Chaos With A Walk Down Ranwar Village


Bandra West, Mumbai


One of the original hamlets of Bandra, Ranwar Village has a history that dates back to 1716. We went for a quiet walk down the village and got away from all the honking.

What Makes It Awesome

The quaint village consists of bungalows on each side, divided by Veronica Street. We always talk about how magical Waroda Road and its eateries are, but if you stray from the usual route, you’ll stumble upon something magical.

The streets of Ranwar Village are almost like like a river’s tributaries, all venturing into a peaceful place. As you walk down any one of the by lanes leading to the village, you’ll walk by resurrected shrines, cats roaming/chilling around in clusters and bungalows – breathtakingly beautiful bungalows which have been standing there since the early 1900s.

The short walk inside leads to the Ranwar Square – the main hub of cultural activities in the past. Erected in 1866, the Ranwar square cross was host to the Cross feat, community rosary recitals and wells where gold was hidden to save them from Arab pirates. 

With so much history and quaintness contained in one small village in the busy Bandra, we were more than happy to indulge in some chit-chat with the current residents of the village, who are still very proud of the heritage that their ancestors have left for them.

Popular For: Decades old history and culture, Portuguese art & architecture, hidden gem. 


If you’re at Waroda Road and want to wander off to a quiet place with lots of greenery, go to Ranwar. Maybe the cats will chill with you.


Bandra West, Mumbai