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Episode One - New Place In Powai

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What Makes It Awesome?

Episode One!

One of the new and finest places in Powai opens doors to the public. So this place is designed in the form of a Gymkhana where you have chambers, a non-members room, a taproom and much more. The bar is crafted pretty well and unlike places having beers on tap, here they some concoctions on tap which they then mix alcohol and blend cocktails.

Talking about the staff, they are super polite and humble. My experience was immensely pleasing because the server taking care of my table was very helpful.

Talking about the menu, they have wide options to choose from but is mainly dominated by Asian food.

What I Tried?

Detoxified Mocktail:

This had 4 variants - berry, activated charcoal, litchi and whisky sour base (though I had without whiskey)


Everything I ordered was in tasting portions. The original quantity served is different

I tried 2 different ones - Cream cheese Avocado and Crispy Asparagus. It's sushi and I love it so cannot choose to decide one. Both were equally delicious. They come in either 4 or 8 pieces.

Cheetos Crust Chicken Slider:
I recommend you guys to try this. I mean what an innovation! Cheetos sauce is something so quirky simultaneously nostalgic. Fried chicken bunned with veggies and dipping it in the sauce is the essence of this dish.

Chicken Meatballs:
So I've had homemade meatballs curry. The first time I had meatballs as an appetiser and believe me it was a melt in your mouth preparation. The minced chicken was so buttery plus served with sweet cream on top. Truly loved the taste.

Avocado Galouti:
The team here has done an incredible job setting up the menu. They've raised the standard from regular beetroot and mushroom and meat galouti and introduced Avocado. Again a must-try!


Chicken Chilli With Blue Rice:
At first sight, I was like, do people eat blue rice? So used to the regular white and brown and having blue was an experiment but the taste is more on the same lines and the colour is an extract from a flower. It was burnt garlic rice and I could relish it even without the gravy.


Sandesh Puff:
Again something new. So I've tasted the white Sandesh but over here it was brown and when I asked them about the preparation, I got to know that there is a second type of Sandesh made using jaggery which gives brown colour. Flaky puff filled with soft grainy Sandesh was a treat.

Caramel Tart:
Both the desserts were so beautifully presented. This one had different jellos around and also dusted raspberry sugar powder. A layer of caramel and a layer of chocolate. The dessert was very gooey.

I loved my experience here and it's a worth visit!

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