Essel World Mein Rahunga Main: We're Still Not Over Our Favourite Amusement Park

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What Makes It Awesome

If you think that this city has its fill of the exotic and the futuristic, you’ve got it wrong. EsselWorld, one of Mumbai’s oldest and most well-known theme parks, has a huge surprise in store for all of us and we’re sharing it with you. We're not over the OG rides (like Thunder and Rainbow!), but we're so glad they're upping their game even more!

Sitting on a roller coaster sure gets that adrenaline pumping alright but imagine that with another layer – a VR head gear to add that extra oomph. India’s first ever Virtual Reality roller coaster called the Tunnel Twister is at Essel World. Spread over 42-acres of land and 59 attractions in it, Essel World has enough reasons to pay it a visit ever so often. The new ride piques our interest because VR is the future, and it's a nice change from the usual.

The Tunnel Twister ride has been enhanced to blend the physical sensations with the digital world, so adults and children can enjoy it together. The two-minute roller coaster can accommodate 12 adults or 24 children at a time. It’s the perfect time to get yourself pumping and experiencing something you might have never done before. We can hardly wait to give this a shot ourselves. See you there!