Ethical Fashion 101: These Dresses Are Sourced From Nature

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What Makes It Awesome

Hyderabadi sisters Yashila and Trishala’s label Ilamra engages in slow and ethical fashion and creates charming unique pieces of everyday wear which carry India as their identity. 

What is ethical fashion you ask? Ethical Fashion strives on a no waste policy and works to minimise the carbon footprint on the Earth without compromising style and beauty. Ilamra switches their raw materials according to what suits the environment and in turn brings creative contemporary pieces for daily wear. The process is slow and involves natural dyeing of clothes and sourcing of  cotton.

The prints are inspired by their childhood memories of nature (as is their brand name), their daily travels or anything that they find interesting. The label mixes arts and crafts and makes delicate designs which are fun, flowy and easy to carry. You can wear a tiny slice of history to your work place or a flowing umbrella dress to your lunch date, all with Ilamra. 

My favourite piece was their Victorian ruffle top in a blush pink colour (INR 2,500) which just screams cute. They also have gorgeous sarees and half sleeve shirts for men, so toss out those boring shirts you got from the mall and try Ilamra’s prints instead. 

Price: INR 1,500 onwards.


Check out their upcycled scrunchie collection which looks straight out of Bollywood in the 90s. With bow-ties and flowy detailing, they’re just too pretty.