Kandivali Dwellers, This Is The Café To Go To For Chai Latte And Books

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At Thakur Village in Kandivali we found a tiny tea and snacks café, which is cosy, delicious, and dare we say it, affordable too.

High Tea or High On Tea?

You’ll get both, don’t worry. When it comes to tea, the choices are endless, from your classic tea options, like the perfect kadak adrak chai to the experimental kashmiri kahwa, herbal tea blends to even chai lattes.

The food here is really good, too. In sandwiches alone, they have options such as Moroccan grilled paneer, four cheese, club, Italian caprice, a Lebanese one, amongst others. You can binge on salads {if there is such a thing as too much of it} and accompany it with fresh focaccio, panini or even pita bread.

You can also bite into a bagel along with your iced tea {again you won’t be pressed for choices. There’s a lot.}. They serve waffles with fruits, nutella or whipped cream, and an endless number of delicious sides too.

#LBBTip: They have a mini library too, because who needs company when you have books?

So, We’re Saying…

Sometimes all we need is a low-key spot, a mattress to talk to our friends and good food – no extra fuss, no crazy bills – amiright? Visit High On Tea then, and have a quiet par-tea for two.


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