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Check Out This Tiny Cafe In Parel Where Everything Costs INR 25

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Check out Chaos Control Cafe, located in Parel, for amazing tea, snacks and more – all for INR 25.

Chow Down

Everything here is priced at INR 25, where they serve their tea in a kulhad glass.  It is one of the best teas in Mumbai, and you can make it any which way you like. For simple evening snacks, they also serve Varanasi toast {which is two slices of toasted bread with a variety of different toppings – with butter, butter and sugar, crushed tomato, pineapple jam, or whatever in the tea-time world floats your boat}.

Anything Else?

These guys also serve many types of paan and sherbets, all for INR 25 again. It’s extremely budget friendly and is the best option when you need your tea but have run out of milk or patience to make your own.

#LBBTip: Don’t forget to look at what’s right in front of you. Not being philosophical, but literally right in front of Chaos Control Cafe is a small stand by them, serving up chaat like sev puri on the go.

So, We're Saying...

The place is meant for you to sit and enjoy your tea with a group of friends. Parking can be a bit of an issue. There’s no need for a reservation as it’s a place that accommodates everyone. If you live nearby, you can just call them and ask for a small order such as one toast and one cup of tea, and they will happily bring it to you, the tea hot in a thermos flask which is then poured out into the kulkhad.