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Experience Caffeine & Explore Classic European Small Plates Under One Roof

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What Makes It Awesome?

Many international food brands are bidding on the Indian market and trying to gain a monopoly. Ritazza is a new British cafe chain which is trying to gain popularity in India. They recently started their first outlet in Linking road Bandra.

The idea of opening a cafe is simple but it's very important to bring out a unique concept to attract the crowd. Ritazza has this unique idea of having some amazing food items to complement their ranges of beverages. Where you would only find small bites in cafes Ritazza also has items like tuna sandwich. They have two separate arrangements one supernatural open arrangement and the other cosy ambience to give you a feel-good vibe while you have your coffee.

Coming to our food experience. We initially tried frappes as it was hot enough to dive into their drooling flavours.

Double Choc Chip Frappe: A thick frappe with milk chocolate base. The best part was those choco chips which acquired some major volume at the bottom and you enjoy eating them at the end.

Hazelnut Nutella Frappe(Must Try): Another regular frappe but this time filled with my favourite spread Nutella. Though I am not a hazelnut fan still the base did not bother me and I enjoyed the entire drink.

Cheese Poppers: Small cheese poppers arranged around your favourite mayo. The crisp outside and super juicy inside of poppers would just make you crave for more.

Cottage Cheese Baguette(Must try): This amazing sandwich is a must try for vegetarian lovers. Filled with veggies, paneer and yes cheese. Few grilled veggies which I never liked didn't matter when I was having this. The overall taste of this sandwich overtook the hatred of veggies.

Zebra Chocolate Affogato(Must try): So my friend with me was very keen on having this hot beverage stating he was stunned by the Affagato he had last time. So we ordered one. Though he still chose his last meal over ours I just loved this idea of mixing hot Expresso with vanilla ice cream. Even a strong espresso would become a pie.

BBQ Chicken Wings: Generally cafes don't have this on their menu but having chicken wings and serving at its best needs great dedication. Also, the sweet BBQ Chicken pieces were served with sprouts a different arrangement.

Tiramisu(Must try): Again my friend was craving for this one. But when I tried it I couldn't stop eating. The reason is infused coffee gives it an entirely different taste.

Blueberry Cheesecake: Your regular blueberry cheesecake but this time being soft as hell and best of its presentation.

Cafe Ritazza is a must visit place if you are anytime around linking road and wish to have a small talk with someone special sipping your favourite coffee.

What Could Be Better?

As the place is new I can just suggest them to add a few books at the corner for visitors as the place has great ambiance and very positive vibes for a reader.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Bae, Kids