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Falling Off Your Fitness Resolutions? Rohan Joshi Shows You How To Stay Focused

Abhijeet posted on 01 March

Ten-Second Takeaway

We’re a little more than 50 days past the new year, and it’s a good time to look back and see how our fitness resolutions are doing.

If you’re falling a little short on motivation, or are looking for any {and every} excuse to skip the gym, don’t fret! Rohan Joshi (of AIB fame) set out on the same journey, and he has a few tips on how to stay resolute with a positive attitude, sense of humour and hard work. Come on now, let 2017 be the year you finally get that fit and sexy body, you always wanted.

Together Is Better

Be Realistic

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Your goals are goals for a reason – because you can’t do them right away. Getting to your goals is a journey, and journeys take time. So set expectations that are realistic and don’t end up disappointing and demotivating you.

Celebrate The Small Wins

It’s Not A Competition

There Will Be Bad Days

Stay Focused

You will have days (or weeks) when you’re unable to stick to your schedule. It could be because you were sick or had to travel for work. It’s okay. Just remember to pick back up right where you left off and continue your journey once you’re back.

Have A Sense Of Humor


My face when @coach.urmi says “hold that plank for ten” and then at ten says “ok ten more” #dhoka

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Lastly, always remember an Instagram worthy picture makes the entire journey worthwhile.

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