Ten-Second Takeaway

Sidewalks Of The World, a store on Chapel Road in Bandra, is a huge establishment that sells goodies from across the world.

What Is It?

The store is both intimidating and inviting. It’s huge, but an equally big neon blinking sign declaring SALE pulls us in anyway.┬áThe store is like an amusement park ride for those who love home decor – it starts off with a heady high, but then the inevitable end when we look at the price tags. But we aren’t afraid of a challenge, so we decided to see if we could buy anything in a budget – the lamp for INR 49,000 got a hard pass from us.

What To Buy


If your tastes bend more towards the importance of details when it comes to home decor, Sidewalks Of The World can appease you. The idea behind the store is to bring the world a little closer to home. There are pieces picked up from Italy, Germany and France.

We only looked at smaller items now, considering were not in the mood to buy a sofa for three lakh. After spending a considerable amount of time scouring through the three-floor extravaganza, we actually liked some of the things. With a 25 per cent discount applied during the sale period, we heaved a sigh of relief.

After discount, there were coasters {set of six} at INR 440, a teapot at INR 3,000 {cups were INR 1,000 each}, an ashtray for INR 740, cat-themed salt and pepper shakers atINR 1,340, a decanter at INR 4,390, metal wall plates at INR 590 and Krea Funk bluetooth speakers at INR 7,000.

So, We’re Thinking…

If you look closely, there’s actually some good that comes in the small things at SOTW. Go here with a big heart and bigger pockets.

Photos: Nupur Prasad/LBB