Guests Coming Over? Serve Them In Super Elegant Crockery From Feather Touch

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What Makes It Awesome

Remember how our mothers used to save the best looking plates for times when we had special guests coming over? Well, some things never really change, but who said you cannot change the crockery that you've been using, possibly for decades now? Upgrade your bowls and plates and mugs with Feather Touch Ceramics. Here's why we're asking you to order from them. 

This brand makes good-looking crockery for you, that's made of fine bone china. and the best part is that they're all customizable. Gone are the days when you had to settle for buying a dinner set of a fixed number of items. At Feather Touch, you can shoot your requirements, and the company makes your desired set for you. We love their super quirky dabbas that you can carry to work in style. They're made of fine ceramic, with a pure brass handle. A two-tier dabba will cost you INR 1,980, a three-tier one comes for INR 2,980, and a four-tier one is for INR 3,980. Having served in famous five-star hotels and fine-diners since 1987, Feather Touch knows how important aesthetic crockery is. They started their retail services just a few months ago, to make their collection available to everyone. You'll get bar snack platters, sauce dishes, dip bowls, plates with pastel shades, and their colourful variations, and so much more here. The plates start from INR 350 (per piece) and honestly, we'd buy them altogether if we could. 

There's nothing like hoarding too much crockery, especially when they're so elegant and rich in quality. So order pretty dinnerware from Feather Touch Ceramics now! 


You can visit their Mumbai or Delhi studio in case you do not wish to buy online.